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Diana and Endymion

Ricci Sebastiano
Baroque and Rococo

Diana and Endymion

Poussin 1630
The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Endymion Project is my attempt to create interactive high art. Until the project is finished the details of this goal will not be released; however the subject of the art is Endymion and Diana. I find this to be an interesting concept since it shows Diana in a love affair with Endymion as Diana a goddess of the hunt who has sworn herself to chastity but gives in and falls in love. This story comes from the merging of the mythologies of Luna and Diana. Luna is the goddess who originally fell in love with Endymion, but over time the name of Diana edged out Luna as the goddess of the moon leading to this adaptation of the story of Endymion.

I call this a project because it is not simply an allegorical painting or drawing. but something much more complex. It will require much more study of representation and technique, and it will take a quite some time to complete.

I will admit to the fact I am experimenting with game technology, including Unity and Blender.

I have included a pair of images to show some of my inspiration and references. Mouse over them for a description.

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This is a 3d animation I made for Halloween. I created the background with a composite of 3 photographs then created a pumpkin in Maya and animated it by connecting points to a added locator attributes through Set Driven Keys. I then recorded my voice several times and mixed it down with sounds from I then edited it all together and exported it out. Hope you enjoy it.

Frosty Animation

Here is the beginning of my frosty animation I developed for my 2010 Christmas card. Unfortunately I am just now posting my first draft of it on Feb. 10 2011.


This is a 3D animation I made in my spare time while attending SCAD and was designed to be an intro to demo. The animation was created in Maya, composited in Combustion, and finally foley sound was added using Audition. I have gained some experience since I created this animation, improving my rigs, modeling, texturing, and rendering.

This is from a comic strip I had been playing with for a time. I had titled it Cyn City, after my hometown. It was meant to joke about finance problems of students and creative ways to handle them.

Here in recent days I have been considering bring it back or possibly creating a new one based on life in general. The problem being though that I never really had time to work much on it the first time, but it was just so darn much fun. Oh well we will see with time if I have time.